Ford Mustang is a major name known in the automotive business, because of this all muscle car gearheads should own one. Payne Auto Group and Payne Weslaco Ford are proud to be a part in of this legacy in selling Ford Mustang’s in the RGV.

1. The year was 1964, Ford created a iconic car that hasn’t been forgotten around the world. Over 10 Million Mustangs have been created sense it’s launch day, easy making it an American classic for generation’s.

2022 Ford Mustang Mach 1 at Payne Weslaco Ford

2. Ford gives OPTIONS to its customers in the Ford Mustang Lineup. Giving everyone the chance to own the best version for themselves, from a classic model to performance model you have the choice to own a piece of history.

3. Performance that never sleeps, Ford Engineers and Gearheads are always pushing the limits for MAXIMUM power. The fastest Mustang today is the Shelby GT500, packing in 2.65-liter Eaton supercharger making 760 horsepower and sending 625 pound-feet of torque!