There will never be a shortage of car advice from relatives, friends, and even strangers! And while it seems like everyone’s got something to say about the topic, some of these opinions are likely to be based at least partially on myths. Passed down from generation to generation, these myths have withstood the test of time. Unfortunately, they could be doing harm to your vehicle. We’re here to cut through the myths, so you can be sure you’re never led astray.

“Warm Up the Car!”

While it was once true that cars needed to be “warmed up” prior to driving, that was during a time of less sophisticated carburetors. Luckily, these days, carburetors simply don’t require time to get juiced up. They’re good to go, as is! Sure, you could warm up your interior by running your car for a few minutes, but you certainly won’t be doing your engine any favors by doing so.

Premium Fuel is Better

The common consensus is: The more expensive, the better. But such does not ring true for your vehicle’s fuel. The myth that premium fuel is simply better for all cars couldn’t be further from the truth. Filling up with premium will make absolutely no difference if your car is made for regular fuel.

Idling Saves Gas

You may have been taught to resist turning your engine on and off at all costs, but idling isn’t such a great option for fuel conservation, either. If you’re idling for longer than a period of 10 seconds, you’re wasting more gas. Think smart!


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