While weather conditions can be unpredictable and increase your risk for accidents, there are some important ways you can beat the heat with these summer safety car tips.

1. Excessive summer heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate, causing a malfunction in the charging system. This can potentially destroy the battery.

2. Have your car inspected before you head out on a summer road trip. Many technicians recommend an oil change every 3,000 miles, and air conditioning units should be serviced every three years or as needed. Also check your hoses for cracks, leaks, and loose connections.

3. Summer heat can be very tough on your tires. Tire pressure changes with rising temperatures, and under or over-inflated tires put you at risk for accidents, blowouts, and flats. Check your tires on a regular basis during the summer months.

If you are heading out on your summer adventure, make sure you review your insurance coverage. Check in with your Payne Insurance Agent and make sure that you have the best insurance with the most complete coverage for you.

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