We are in the midst of summer and the nice sunny weather on a weekend means a nice time for a barbecue! Here are some safety tips on how you can be safe while barbecuing with your family and friends!

Keep Grill at LEAST 10ft. away from your house!

Keep your barbecue grill at least 10ft away from your house, the further the better! this will then prevent from a fire from happening to your house, garage or even carports!

Grills shouldn’t be used underneath any wooden overhangs as well, the fire can and could flare up into the object above. This applies to charcoal and gas grills, so always be careful and make sure that there isn’t anything flammable near that can cause a fire!

Payne Auto Group wants you to be protected and have fun during the summer, so grill away and get protected with Payne Insurance and make memories with your friends and families this coming summer!