During the month of October people come together as they spread awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Payne Auto Group is taking part in this annual Campaign to increase awareness of the disease.

The employees of Payne Auto Group purchased pink shirts and all proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society at the end of the month. Every Friday our Payne Employees will wear their pink shirts to spread awareness to everyone.

Breast cancer is cancer that forms in the breast and can be found in both women and more rarely, in men. For every 1000 women screened through a mammogram, 100 will require a follow-up visit to investigate further and, on the average, 61 of the 1000 will find something wrong. 20 out of the 1000 will need a second mammogram in 6 months and 19 of the 1000 will need a minimally invasive needle biopsy. 5 out of the 1000 will be diagnosed with breast cancer. It is important that every woman gets checked as part of their wellness exam yearly after the age of 40.

Here a few resources to learn more about breast cancer and breast cancer awareness month: 



Please also stay informed of your local hospitals and resources they have available:

South Texas Health System | McAllen

956 632 4000

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance | Edinburg

(956)362 2229

Knapp Medical Center | Weslaco

956 968 8567

Valley Regional Medical Center | Brownsville

956 350 7000

Valley Baptist Medical Center | Harlingen

956 389 1100

Harlingen Medical Center | Harlingen

956 365 1000

Starr County Memorial Hospital | Rio Grande City

956 487 5561

Mission Regional Medical Center | Mission

956 323 9000

Rio Grande Regional Hospital | McAllen

956 632 6000