Spark Plugs…

Such a small term with such a big meaning.

In this post, we’re going to dive into what spark plugs are. Then we’ll move on and discuss some of the issues you’ll encounter with bad spark plugs and how to replace them. We’ll cover the latter in next week’s post.

Spark plugs are these tiny instruments used for a giant purpose. Without them, your vehicle wouldn’t be able to turn on. Why? When in use, these plugs create a spark of electricity that crosses a small gap to the ignition. As it does so, a combustion occurs that powers on your vehicle! So, basically, no plugs equals no power. You won’t be able to get anywhere, do anything or even listen to your radio.

Here’s one last tidbit about the spark plug that you probably never knew of – they thrive under extreme pressure and heat conditions. This is so that they can burn off any kind of coating or deposits from fuel additives and other pollutants. In a way, they help maintain the health of your car’s innards.

Stay tuned to learn about how you can spot bad plugs, and what to do!

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