Is buying a New vehicle tax deductible?

Yes, buying or leasing a vehicle are tax deductible but what does this actually do for you? How can you do this? if you use your vehicle for only your business this qualifies you to deduct the entire cost of what it takes to maintain the vehicle from mileage to repairs.

In order to be able to deduct taxes and expenses on a vehicle you must operate a Business or an Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Another big advantage of LLCs is that members can choose how the company will be treated for IRS tax purposes. An LLC can be taxed as a:

However if you use the vehicle for both personal and business this only allows you to deduct the business use of the vehicle and not personal. You might be asking yourself how to I track the usage or where would I even know where to start to track the usages of the vehicle. Collecting data from the mileage odometer or track all expenses for the vehicle while in your position.

Actual Expenses –┬áTo use the actual expense method, you must determine what it actually costs to operate the car for the portion of the overall use of the car that’s business use. Include gas, oil, repairs, tires, insurance, registration fees, licenses, and depreciation (or lease payments) attributable to the portion of the total miles driven that are business miles.

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