Are you in the market for a used vehicle? Be prepared – shopping for a used vehicle entails a lot of research! You’ve likely heard the term Carfax when shopping for a used vehicle, but may be unfamiliar about what it is, and what it can help you during the car buying process. Here are a few things you should know about Carfax before purchasing your next vehicle.

What is a Carfax?

A vehicle report card of sorts, a Carfax is an important indicator of the health of the vehicle you’re about to purchase. It can make all the difference in whether a certain car is the right choice for you. Just like with all major purchases you make throughout life, you’ll want to know if something is amiss prior to making the investment. From accident history, to safety recalls, here are a few things a Carfax can tell you about the vehicle you are considering purchasing.

  • Odometer history
  • Titling issues
  • Lemon status
  • Vehicle warranty status
  • Crash-test results
  • Safety recalls
  • Previous accidents
  • Previous damage
  • Service records
  • History of previous owners

How to use it

If the used vehicle you’re considering has a lengthy history of accidents, multiple owners or under safety recall, you’ll definitely want to know before it’s too late. Knowing this information prior to making the commitment will save you time, money and a major headache in the long run. Speak to your dealer about a vehicle’s Carfax before you sign a lease. This will ensure you’re making a wise choice each and every time you decide to purchase a preowned vehicle.


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