Payne Auto Group would like to honor our veterans working with us across the Rio Grande Valley. We thank you for your services and are honored to have you working in our organization. Today we recognize our brave men and women for their services to our country. Your bravery, sacrifice, strength do not go unnoticed, and we will always be indebted to you and your family for what you have given to our country.

With respect, honor and gratitude from Payne Auto Group we thank all of our branches of military for your services and sacrifices. Thank you for guarding our freedoms, peace in our backyards and guarding our safety. As we celebrate Veterans Day with our family and friends who have served, we also give our respects to our fallen soldiers and their families.

What are some ways to celebrate Veterans Day

  • Buy from Veterans – Find small businesses in your area owned by veterans and make it a point to shop or eat there. You can even make this a community-wide campaign with a little effort using social media.
  • Create a Care Package – Send care packages overseas to active service members or to your local VA to honor those who serve and have served. Get students or members of your church or community involved by donating items and then holding a packing party.
  • Attend a Celebration Gathering – Your local VA or VFW might host a Veterans Day celebration that you can attend or even volunteer at. Bring the kids along since they’ll be out of school for the day.
  • Watch a Documentary – Watch a documentary about a recent or historic war and discuss the issues veterans face. Gather your family or group to discuss what you can do to help those currently facing these struggles.

Payne Auto Group would like to honor our Veterans within the Payne Family; We are so grateful for the ultimate sacrifice you have given. We are proud to be working alongside Chris Marshall of the Payne Street Team, John Castilleja, Peter Casarez, Albert Meza, George Garcia, Bryan Miller and Payne Auto Group Founder Edwin J. Payne.