It’s almost christmas day, the weather is changing and there is lots of joy and cheer to be spread amongst everyone!

Many Families are struggling and the corona virus has taken a toll on everyone which has unfortunately affected many families and children that some will have to do without christmas

Payne Auto Group is helping connect with these families in need by participating in the Angel Tree.

The Salvation Army has set up an Angel Tree website page so you can view and adopt the Angel(s) or go to one of the Angel Tree location and choose a child or family to adopt.

This year you can purchase gifts in person and drop off at the Salvation Army or order the gifts online and have them delivered directly to the Salvation Army in McAllen.

The option will also be available to make a donation in care of an Angel.

There are many ways to help and Payne Auto Group will strive it’s best to help those in need so participate and help us bring the christmas cheer and connect with these families together as we help everyone one step at a time!