As a college student, we are figuring everything out and trying to see what exactly is our best choice, which can see and be a bit overwhelming at first but, our payne auto group team will answer your questions and keep you at ease!

We are here Payne Pre-Owned Edinburg to answer your question on buying a used or new car as a collge student!

As we head to college and start on new jobs and opportunities we look to see what car is right for you! As we go deeper in the video, we answer the question if college students should purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle, while both have their pros and cons on the matter as college students majority of them do not have either good credit or credit at all and try to build that up before hand. According to Julio Cantu from Payne Pre-owned Edinburg, it is best to go to a Pre-Owned dealership because it is easier to get approved on the vehicle you want as well as if you buy a newer unit it will usually be close to the original price whereas a a vehicle with some miles on it can be a significantly cheaper.

So don’t be afraid college students! Come on by our dealerships or visit our website at and see what’s best for you!

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