After an accident, you may be online searching for information on collision centers to take your vehicle to. But don’t be fooled by some of the information you may find!

Here are some collision repair myths DEBUNKED:

You MUST Use Your Insurance’s Recommended Shops

If you already have a preferred shop you’d like to go to, you’re free to do so. Though, it may cause some communication problems if your insurance isn’t familiar with the shop that you choose. However, your insurance will work with the shop that you choose.

Your Insurance Will Pay for Everything

This solely depends on the coverage you have for your vehicle. Things like deductibles, liability, full or partial coverage will come into play. If your damage is less or over the amount covered, you will have to pay out of pocket for the repairs.

Be sure to check your insurance details if you are unsure what your deductible is and what kind of coverage you and your vehicle have.

You Must Take your Vehicle to a Dealership for Repairs

This is not true! Often, the dealership that you bought your vehicle from will recommend a repair shop to take your vehicle to.

You can, however, take your vehicle to your dealership for routine maintenance if your dealership has a service center.

You MUST Get Multiple Estimates

While it is good practice to search for the best price, it is often not necessary to turn in multiple estimates to your insurance company.

A good estimate should include all the information on what needs repairs, the types of parts that need to be ordered and replaces, and any body work that may need to be done.

Payne Collision Center

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