Our car gets impaired over time as the years go by so keep on the look out for your next maintenance checkup!

When was the last time you replaced your brake system? Vehicles go through wear and tear and it’s important to be up to date with them. One of the most common car problems that we ignore is actually the squeaky brakes!

We hear it everywhere we go, when someone is reversing slowly or slowing down at a red stop light that screeching noise. Brake system is intended to wear out from a certain time period hence why we hear those loud screeching noise, but brakes are very important since they keep you safe from colliding with other drivers!

Have your brakes be inspected by professionals at Payne Auto Group and be sure that you are driving safe on the road! Come by to any of our locations in Payne Brownsville, Payne Weslaco, Payne Edinburg, Payne Mission or Payne Rio Grande City to get your squeaky brake replaced!