Congratulations College Graduates for accomplishing your goals and dreams!

Congratulations to our College Graduates! Especially to one of our hard workers, Jocelyn Marquez, our designer! who graduated at UTRGV with her Bachelors of Graphic Design and has been part of our family for six years!

So What’s Next?

Now we are on the next milestone! Many college graduates like yourself or that you may know of, celebrate and reward themselves of such diligent hard work and effort with a brand new car! And why shouldn’t you?! You earned it! but here is some things you need to know along with purchasing your car!

Car Insurance

Life is unexpected and here at Payne we want to make sure that you are insured, safe and protected! Here are Six Reasons why getting car insurance is important!

  • Car Insurance may be mandatory in some states: Each state requires a minimum of auto liability coverage limits. However, it is best to increase that otherwise you may end up paying out of pocket if a wreck was caused by you.
  • Car Insurance offers Financial Protection: If you get into a car accident you may be held responsible for the costs that associates with it. These can include legal fees, injured person’s medical fees and more.
  • Your Lender or Leasing Agent May Require Auto Insurance: If you are considering financing or leasing your vehicle, your lender may require to purchase collision coverage and comprehensive coverage incase anything happens to the car.
  • Car Insurance Can Help Protect You From The Cost Of Repairs: Even if you own your vehicle outright, you may want to have collision coverage and comprehensive coverage on your car insurance policy. While mandatory liability coverage helps pay for damage to another driver’s vehicle, it’s important to have coverage for your own vehicle, incase of damage from a hail storm or hitting a mailbox.
  • Auto Insurance Helps Protect Your Passengers: Medical payments coverageĀ and personal injury protection may help pay for your medical bills if you’re injured in an accident. It also may help cover your passengers’ expenses due to the accident. This coverage may help pay for hospital visits, doctor bills and surgery.
  • Auto Insurance Helps You Protect Yourself: Having the proper car insurance coverage in place can go beyond fulfilling a legal requirement. A car insurance policy may help protect your vehicle, your wallet and even offer peace of mind.

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Getting a New Car after Graduation should be exciting!

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