Oil changes are a necessary evil for the modern day car owner. Inconvenient as they may be, oil changes are vital for keeping your vehicle healthy and running smoothly. There are different types of oil you’ll encounter when speaking to your mechanic about an oil change. Conventional oil is a term you’re likely to hear often, so we’re here to break it down for you. What is conventional oil? And is it right for your vehicle?

What is Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil is made up of unrefined and simple oil that is gathered from the ground and filtered at a processing plant. What results is a substance that’s mixed with some additives to enhance some performance in certain areas. These are increased engine protection properties, viscosity, and heat breakdown capabilities.

A conventional oil change would normally be recommended for drivers who work within routine driving habits. This includes using your vehicle for light commutes, or various errands. Conventional oil has other abilities, too. Some include providing lubrication at high temperatures while maintaining stability over long spaces of time.

Regular oil changes will help you stay at peace while you’re getting all your stuff done. Most would opt for this type of oil change since it fills the down-right basic needs of a vehicle. It also comes at a cheaper price than the other three options. However, it would be best kept in mind to ask a professional what type of oil change is beneficial for your vehicle. The majority of models are now being transitioned to take in synthetic-type oils, so it’s best to be sure. Choosing the wrong oil can do your vehicle more harm than good.

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