Happy Birthday to Austin Payne from friends and Payne Auto Group! Your leadership continue to drive Payne Auto Groups growth and our straighten communities in the Rio Grande Valley. Thank you for all that you do and we hope you enjoy birthday with your loved ones.

Here is some information on Austin Payne and his role inside Payne Auto Group.

Austin Payne

I have been part of the Payne Auto Group for 19 years, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Being part of this business has been in my blood and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I worked in this business from a porter to now Chief Operating Officer – COO and being able to be part of the automotive industry has made me happier.

I am glad to be a part of my grandfather’s legacy and hope to keep it going from what my grandfather built. Being able to have the opportunity to make families grow together and be part of our Payne Family is something I wouldn’t want to change.