It’s incredibly important to know the value of your trade-in before you head to the dealership. That’s why at Payne Auto Group, we’ve built an app just for that! All you need is your vehicle’s basic information, and some details on the type of vehicle you are shopping for to get started.

Value Your Trade takes your initial car information (Year, Make, Model) and gathers the necessary information you need to get the best deal on your trade-in! Once you enter your make and model, follow the next steps provided, and you’ll be delivered a market report for your valuable trade! Seriously, this tool has what you need to make sure you get the best deal when trading in your vehicle. All the data presented is up to date, showing you how much demand there is for the vehicle you’re trading in, how much money you can expect to get for the trade, and detailed, item by item, calculations on how your vehicle is priced.

Get accurate details by inputting your current mileage and zip code. Value Your Trade tracks all vehicles being sold by dealers in your area. It then analyzes that data and applies reductions to the sale price to give you the best data possible to understand the market for your vehicle and how a dealer would most likely appraise your car.

You’ll see data on Depreciation, overhead cost, and even dealer’s net profit on your trade-in! This detailed information is what you need when heading for a trade-in. 

See the market for your car today. We pay top dollar and want you to look at the same data we do to determine what your car may be worth. In 2 steps and 10 seconds you can skip the tireless research process and guesswork. Value Your Trade today!