Figuring out when to change your brakes is crucial especially for the fall and winter season, rear ending a car is one of the most common accidents due to this, but do not fret Payne Collision has got your back!

Here are some ways to know when to service your brakes for this fall season!

Noticing something off:

You can listen to your brake pad while your driving to know if you need to replace your brakes. Hearing that screeching noise is one of the indicators that your brakes might need to get checked or replaced

Another way to indicate that you need to change your brake pads is the vibrations that can be felt in the brake pad when breaking. This vibrations can also occur in your steering wheel that can be an indication of a brake pad problem!

Additionally, another common sign is when your brakes take longer to slow down/stop at a certain point. Or when your foot goes down further than normal when pressing on the brakes

Here at Payne we want your safety to be a priority, schedule a service appointment at any one of our location in Weslaco, Brownsville, Edinburg, Mission, or Rio Grande City so we can inspect any problems and fix your car!

Getting into an accident can be scary, so make sure to keep up with your car maintenance and get all the insurances you need with Payne Insurance.

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