While the nice breeze and fresh air are kicking in, taking care of your car is essential and different in the fall than the spring. Don’t let this fall affect your vehicle’s paint.

During the Texas heat we protect our car from the blazing sun, but how do we protect our car during the winter? How does this weather affect my car?

During the spring and summer time we protect our car from getting too hot and keep it in the shade, however, during the fall and winter time there is a lot more cool wind and although wind may not affect your car, the debris that’s collected by the wind will. The dirt can affect your windshield, go under the hood and even cause to scratch your car or start peeling your paint away.

What do I do?

Some of the best things to do to protect your car this fall is to get a fitted cover protector that goes over your car or in an enclosed space in your garage. Washing your car is the best way to protect and get rid of dirt and debris from your car.

Be prepared for fall and schedule your car for any services needed in your vehicle at any of our location in Weslaco, Brownsville, Edinburg, Mission or Rio Grande City and we’ll help take care of you!