If you’re driving late at night, you might see the gleam of eyes looking at you from the side of the road. Wildlife often finds their way to roadways as it gets quieter or darker –which pose danger to drivers who might not be paying attention.

If you’re worried about getting into an accident due to wildlife, check out these helpful tips below.

Know Peak Areas and Times

You should be on your highest alert at dusk and dawn. For example, deer are a “crepuscular species” which means they are mainly active in twilight hours.

It’s also good to note the time of year species are most active. The mating seasons for deer are October through January, which means they are highly active and more prone to be out and about.

Also, note that most wildlife travel in herds. If you happen to see a deer on the side of the road, chances are there are a few more with it.

Drive Defensively

If you are traveling around the peak times for wildlife to come out, be sure you are driving defensively.

This means going the speed limit, no tailgating, and being aware of your surroundings. Also be sure to wear your seatbelt and use your high beams if you are traveling alone on a dark road.

A good idea would be to use your horn or flash your lights at any deer or wildlife standing near the road. This can help scare them away easier.

Stay in Control

If you do get in a collision, try to stay in control of your vehicle the best you can. Do not swerve out of the way of the animal, you could hit another vehicle or lose control of your vehicle. If you can avoid the animal safely, then get out of its way.

Try to brake at the moment of the impact and letting go of the brake after the impact. Braking on impact could cause the hood of your vehicle to dip down and let the animal roll up through the windshield.

Remember to call the police as soon as possible and pull off the roadway if you can. The first responders can help with any immediate damage, and a police report is imperative to getting your insurance claim with no hassle.

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