Knowing how to change your oil can be efficient and knowing the basics of oil change can help you out in the long run to make sure that your vehicle can run longer!

Always look in your owner’s manual to be sure what type of oil your car needs! Here are the steps to change your oil at home! Your hands will get messy so wear gloves!

  1. Lift up your car – Lift up your car that way you have space to work at the bottom of your vehicle, you can use ramps or a jack to make sure you have space to work at the bottom of your car. This part of the process can be used to look for any leaks or problems you may see before opening up the tray and changing your oil, make sure to have a container to catch the oil!

2. Unscrew the oil drain plug! – align your pan to collect the oil and unscrew using a ratchet to unscrew the oil drain plug, after unscrewing the oil drain plug wait for the oil to finish draining out of your car

3.) Change Oil Filter! – Once you finish draining out the oil make sure to replace the oil drain plug and screw it back in with the ratchet and move on towards the oil filter which will be next to the the oil tank that looks like a little can. Unscrew the oil filter and let it finish draining and replace it with a new filter

4.) New oil- Now that the bottom of the car is done, pop up the hood of the vehicle locate the oil tank that should have a symbol of the oil, once open, make sure to clean around the rim of the entry to make sure no dirt will get in, then place a funnel in the entry and pour in the proper oil that is needed for the vehicle which can be found in the owner’s manual

5.) Check! -Get your dipstick to check the oil of your car and see if your oil level is low or high or in-between, if low continue pouring more oil until it is close to or on high.

After following these steps your vehicle should be ready to go!

Having knowledge of how to change your oil is useful however our certified professionals are always ready to help you and your car in any way that you need! Come by to any of our locations in Weslaco, Brownsville, Edinburg, Mission or Rio Grande City to get your car service here at Payne Auto Group!