Flats are very common so Collision Center will provide a quick way to help you fix a flat in 15 min!

Here are some steps to help you fix your flat in 15 minutes!

  • Make sure to move your vehicle to a safe secure location, turn on your hazard lights!
  • Put your vehicle on brake to secure your vehicle
  • put your jack under the car and lift the car
  • get your tire iron and use that to take off all of the lugnuts from the tire
  • remove the tire
  • put on the spare tire
  • tighten the lugnuts
  • lower the jack
  • And now the spare is on and ready to go to take your tire to a licensed mechanic to get it fix!

it’s always important to make sure your tires are inspected, having a jack and spare tire in the trunk of your car is one of the most essential things to have in your vehicle for reasons like this! Be prepared for anything that can happen and be ensured with Payne Insurance!