With hurricane season quickly approaching (June 1 – November 30), vehicle owners must take precautions to protect their vehicles from flooding. Here are a few tips to consider when getting ready for the hurricane season.

Seal Everything

Go through your vehicle and make sure everything is sealed. This means checking windows, sunroofs, doors, and the trunk. If any of your windows are broken or cannot be closed, try fixing a large trash bag or other plastic bag to block any rain from entering the vehicle.

Stay On High Ground

If your area is flood prone, consider parking your vehicle on high ground. Leaving your vehicle in an area that floods can be difficult to get out again until the water recedes and can also lead to in-vehicle flooding.

Avoid Driving in Flood Zones

Always avoid driving through water, as it is a high possibility that the vehicle can be swept away or get stuck. If you must drive through water, be sure the water isn’t high enough to reach the undercarriage of the vehicle. Drive through any puddles or pools of water with extreme caution.

If you must drive through pools of water, stay away from other vehicles and keep your engine revving. Other vehicles can cause waves in the water which can push water into your vehicle, especially if your vehicle is smaller. Keep your engine revving as to prevent any water from being sucked into the exhaust.

Payne Auto Group

Payne Auto Group would like to wish everyone to stay safe this hurricane season!

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