Often, insurance agencies have a set of categories they use to determine how much a policy will cost drivers.

There are different factors that go into determining your car insurance cost including demographic factors, car-related factors, and personal driving factors.

If your insurance premium is extremely high, you could be considered a high-risk driver. That being said, is there any way to reduce your “riskiness”? Read on for some helpful tips that could help reduce your insurance costs as a high-risk driver.

Become a Safer Driver

One good thing about being a high-risk driver is that that label doesn’t last forever. Although some factors, like demographics, may be harder to change, others like driving factors can be waived after some time.

If you haven’t had auto insurance for quite some time, you could be hit with a surcharge for that. Having a policy for at least six months or more could drop this high-risk charge.

Tickets and major violations like DUI/DWI can last on your record from 3-5 years, which make you high-risk. After the years pass and the violation is removed from your record, you most likely will not be considered high-risk anymore.

Work On Your Demographics

While age and even status may be out of your control to change, other factors like the type of car you drive and credit score can be worked on.

Consider driving an older vehicle instead of a “fancier” one. Work on your credit score by making payments on time and chipping away at debt. If you’re looking to move, consider moving to a suburban area instead of the city.

It Won’t Last Forever!

Many factors that go into deeming a driver high-risk are factors than can be changed over time.

Age, traffic violations, credit score, and first-time drivers are a few factors that can be worked with and even be dismissed after a few years.

If time isn’t on your side, consider applying for high-risk insurance. In many states, Texas included, driving a vehicle without insurance is a crime–and another traffic violation will not help you become any less high-risk.

Speak with your insurance agency to see your options if you are considered a high-risk driver.

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