Mudding and off-roading can be a great time for friends and family alike!

With today being International Mud Day, let’s take a look at a few safety tips for staying safe while mudding!

Have the Right Tires

Not having the right tires will surely get you stuck in the mud rather than running through it! If you’re serious about mudding, invest in special mud tires.

Mud tires are designed to sling mud and debris off the tires and keep the tread clear of build up.

Drop Tire Pressure

Drop the tire pressure in your tires before you take on mudding. Doing this will greatly increase the traction and surface area of the tires.

Be sure to consult your owners manual or ask a professional for specific advice on tire pressure for your vehicle.

Understand 4×4 Capabilities

Understand your vehicle’s 4×4 capabilities and control system. Not only will this make mudding easier, but it helps keep you and everyone around you safe if you know what you’re doing.

Your vehicle’s owner manual will have extensive information on your model’s 4×4 capabilities and controls.

Stay Safe!

Payne Auto Group wants everyone to stay safe this summer!

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