Be prepared and make sure to keep your car in check! Here are some tips from Payne Collision on how to take care of your tires!

Make your tires last longer by doing some of these things!

  • Checking your tire pressure monthly
  • Rotate Tires every 5,000 Miles
  • Wheels balanced
  • Check Tire Alignment at least twice a year
  • DON’T install Mismatched Tires
  • Don’t overload your vehicle
  • Check regularly especially on road trips

Whether you hit a pothole, or haven’t driven in a while, always keep up with your tires for safe driving! Get insured with Payne insurance and be prepared for anything! Get your favorite vehicle today at Payne Auto Group and visit any of our locations in Weslaco, Brownsville, Edinburg, Mission or Rio Grande City and get your vehicle today!