Payne Auto Group has made it easier for Volkswagen Fans!

Being on the road many things can happen, and that is why Volkswagen has developed an advanced driver-assistance technology called IQ.DRIVE, that is now available on most model-year 2021 Volkswagen vehicles and standard on the Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle. IQ.DRIVE offers innovative features designed for convenience and peace of mind.

So what can it do to help me?

The IQ.Drive Assistance can help in many various forms but here are some of the many ways it can benefit you!

  • Long drives? No worries! – The ID.Drive assistance is designed to help make long drives on the highway more comfortable, with Travel Assist. Activating Travel Assist will then use a semiautonomous driver-assistance system that will make sure you are in the center of the lane and keep distance from other vehicles when you have both hands on the wheel.
  • If there’s potential danger of collision with the vehicle ahead. -IQ.DRIVE will monitor traffic and alert you ahead of time of a potential rear end accident with the vehicle ahead of you. This will also help with pedestrians crossing the road the system will then increase the brake pressure or automatically apply the brakes if not fully reacted to the alert
  • Backing up and can’t see? – Trying to get out of a narrow parking spot and can’t see the little obstacles to see traffic? IQ.Drive has got you covered there too! While you’re reversing the IQ.DRIVE will then engage its sensors that can alert you to the vehicles crossing behind yours, and can even help brake if needed.
  • If you are unable to drive while operating the vehicle. – The IQ.Drive will monitor the steering wheel activity and ca send a series of alerts if it senses that your hands are not on the wheel and not actively operating the vehicle. If not responded to sent alerts, the system can bring the vehicle to a safe and controlled stop.

Life comes unexpected and we want to make sure you are prepared for anything that’s why we have Payne Insurance to make sure you are covered where it matters most! We may never know what is going to happen on the road so Payne Auto Group has made sure that our volkswagen fans are equipped with safety features for the protection of you and your loved ones!