When searching for a new vehicle, one of the main things people search for is how much it would cost to insure that new vehicle.

Does it cost more to insure a truck over a car? Is there even a difference?

It Depends…

There are many different types of cars and trucks that may require different kinds of coverage. A Corvette will have different insurance rates compared to an F-150, and a Chevy Malibu will be significantly less than insuring a semi-truck.

The base fact is the type of vehicle you are insuring. Larger vehicles will often have higher insurance policy prices due to their size alone.

Research Your Options!

There usually isn’t a significant difference between insuring a truck or a car. You will only see a significant change if the car or truck you want to insure falls into a special category like a sports car, or semi-truck.

A good rule of thumb is to ask for quotes from three different insurance agencies before making your final decision.

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