Payne Auto Group Celebrates Labor Day

The first Monday of September holds a very special place in American worker’s hearts. The day is Labor Day, and it has been a staple of American holiday since the early 1880’s.

The Industrial Revolution changed the face of the United States. Some of these changes included social and living conditions. Prior to the mid-to-late 1880’s, most 18th century American’s lived in rural and self-sustaining communities. The Industrial Revolution created the transition from self-sustaining to manufacture jobs.¬†During this transition it wasn’t uncommon for factory workers to work upwards sixteen hours a day for six days.

Fun Fact: As American’s worked 16 hours a day in factories, Henry Ford saw an opportunity for change. The Ford Motor Company created the 40-hour workweek. Henry Ford believed “too many hours were bad for worker’s productivity.”

While American’s toiled away in hard labor, a need to celebrate and recognize this hard work had to be created. Thus Labor Day came to be.

Labor Day was first officially celebrated on the first Monday of September in 1884. The Central Labor Union urged other organizations throughout different cities to celebrate as well. This “workingman’s holiday” spread throughout the major industrial cities of the early United States.

In modern times Labor Day has morphed into a day for major sales and discounts for the working class to take advantage of.

The Payne Auto Group is excited to announce our annual Labor Day Sale! This amazing promotion is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • $3 for your first 3 payments
  • $2 for your first 2 oil changes
  • $1 DOWN!

The Labor Day Sale starts August 27, 2018 РSeptember 3, 2018.  Come by any of the Payne Dealerships across the Rio Grande Valley to take advantage of this amazing deal!

Throughout the last 134 years, the working class has seen some major changes. Labor Day is seen as a day of recognition for America’s hardest workers. Payne Auto Group is proud to have such dedicated and hard workers representing the Payne brand.

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