When PayneAutoGroup.com first launched, Bud and Jimmy had certainly broken the internet! By launching they had given access to great deals, and endless savings to the world. Don’t believe us? Here’s proof!

So, on this internet day, we’d like to remind you of all the amazing deals and simple ways to point, click and SAVE at PayneAutoGroup.com!

Once you’ve headed over to PayneAutoGroup.com, search your brand of car! We’ve got more than 12 brands under the hood! Don’t be shy, take a peek! And we’re Valley-wide! Browse your nearest dealership, find your vehicle and schedule a visit, all online!

It’s nothing new, but when Bud and Jimmy first launched, they were pioneers in the auto industry, taking the dealership online and making your experience of buying a vehicle online just as good as on our lots! 

We’re always innovating! During the mandated quarantine this year, we took to the internet to ensure that from the safety of your home we could still get you the best deals possible to help you decide on your purchase, we launched Virtual Test Drive, an experience to get a feel for our inventory all at the point of a click! 

On this National Internet Day, we’d like to thank you for visiting our blog 🤓 and welcome you to Point, Click and SAVE at PayneAutoGroup.com!