If you are a first time driver what an exciting time in your life. Driving for your first time with your bestfriends, going to the island on your own it becomes a new feeling. A feeling of independence that your able to do things on your own but also comes with a new set of challenges.

Driving now means you have to be reasonable at all times for your safety and other around you.

  1. Read up on why road safety measures are so important. Now that your driving there are many rules which you are unaware of educate yourself.
  2. Ask your friends dont be afraid of asking what others are doing. This help spread the word about the importance of road safety to save countless lives.
  3. If you need more help for understand. Join a class to help you learn how to drive correctly.

Why Is National Youth Traffic Safety Month Is Important

  1. Helps spread awareness – Is helps make people aware of teen accidents.
  2. Helps create safety in our communities – Many young teens remain unaware of the correct driving rules.
  3. This awareness is driven for at-risk drivers – teenagers need proper guidance at all times to ensure their safety and those around them.

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