Day 2 was FUN! But Day 3 was TONS FUN! This years 2022 Fall Fest is in full motion at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show. Be a part of this ongoing community event and enjoy food, prizes, candy, carnival rides and LIVE MUSIC.

What can you enjoy this year? A Haunted House, Hay Rides, Pumpkin Patch, Scarecrow Row and Mutton Bustin. Want to know prices for entry can be found in Rio Grande Valley Livestock Shows Facebook.

Payne Auto Group mascot Bimmy was ready to jump into the ring but we had to hold him back. Bimmy couldn’t get into the ring but he defiantly felt the rush looking into the eyes of a T-REX!! This years Lucha Libre fight was great family fun for everyone to enjoy. Come be a part of this fun packed event, if you can’t make it today no worries! This years Fall Fest ends October 30th!

We hope to see you here! Make sure to come see Payne Auto Group booth for some pictures with Bimmy and Chris Marshall of the Payne Street Team to enjoy some candy and free coloring books for the kids to enjoy.