Whether it’s the odd hiss, the stall or the steam seeping slowly from underneath your hood, there are plenty of signs to alert you that your engine is overheating. And there could not be a worse time! Hot weather can do crazy things to your car, even more so if you live in South Texas. While scorching hot weather is an inescapable part of life down here, an overheated engine is not. Here are a few reasons your engine may be overheating, and what you can do to save it before it’s too late.

Leaky Cooling System

While a leak in your car’s cooling system won’t necessarily cause it to overheat, it can allow air to pass through more easily, creating an airlock. This is how engines overheat. When this happens, your cooling system will stop circulating, which will superheat the coolant inside your engine. If you suspect a leaky cooling system may be to blame for your overheated engine, contact your mechanic immediately before the problem worsens.


You’re bound to experience overheating if your car’s cooling system is blocked. When this happens, coolant can’t circulate to the radiator properly. Some causes of this include a thermostat that fails to open properly. In other cases, a mineral deposit or foreign object may be causing the blockage.

Bad Water Pump

This is a pretty common cause of overheating, but it’s nonetheless annoying. Your car’s water pump handles the task of maintaining  coolant circulation. If it’s not working properly, neither is your cooling system in its entirety. Whether it’s worn, broken or simply malfunctioning, replacing a bad water pump is vital to save your engine from overheating.


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