This past weekend was eventful for Payne Mission and Payne Brownsville Volkswagen as world record driver Rainer Zietlow stops by to each Volkswagen Dealerships around the country!

According to Rainer Zietlow, the drive in Texas was a sight to see due to our huge state’s lovely scenery. The goal that he is accomplishing with this drive is to be able to spread awareness of electric vehicles, since they are the new vehicles of today.

Zietlow’s advocacy for more charging ports around the country are a stepping stone to promote easy available access to charging ports instead of only having it available in certain locations and dealerships. Having charging ports available to the public will provide more incentive for people to buy electric vehicles and change the world of today.

Zietlow’s presence here in the Rio Grande Valley was a sight to see and we wish safe travels for the rest of his journey.

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