The Payne Auto Group is best known for their long-standing goofy yet lovable TV Commercials promoting their father’s auto group established in 1949. Bud and Jimmy kicked it off early with slap stick comedy. They have evolved into a Summer Blockbuster featuring the Payne’s battling the bad car guys and Cobra Kai chopping low prices.

Annually, the Payne Auto Group looks forward to inviting that year’s graduating class to submit their own ideas for an Automotive Dealership TV Commercial. Over the years, the Payne Auto Group has received hundreds of brilliant student’s submissions!

This year the Payne Auto Group put a twist on their typical YouTube submission. With the explosion of TikTok, the Payne Auto Group asks that this year’s High School Class of 2022 tag , use #paynescholarship and apply at to enter.

Find all details at and we look forward to seeing the scholarship videos this year! Scholarship submissions end on April 30th at 5 PM.