The truck has been a workhorse since day one. The cargo box and tailgate were, and still are, the standard for a working vehicle today. At times, a job may seem too tall of an order, but that’s where upfits for Ram Heavy Duty & ProMaster Series Vehicles come into play.

What is an ‘upfit’? Simply put, an upfit is an upgrade or modification for a specialized purpose or capability. If you think of a traditional cargo box canopy (or camper shell) for a truck, that’s an upfit. The advantages & capabilities of a canopy include protection from the elements (rain, sleet, snow, sunlight), keeping cargo/items secure, and being an enclosed space to organize both tooling and cargo. Yes, these capabilities may seem simple, but do go a long way when you take work with you wherever you go on a regular basis. Ram Upfits are categorized by vehicle type/platform or by profession. For the sake of time, let’s go by vehicle type.

Both Ram Heavy Duty & ProMaster Series are available as cab chassis with the drivers cab on top of a bare frame and fully street-legal rolling truck chassis. To some people, it appears as a half-naked truck (hey, where’s the tailgate?). The lack of a truck bed enables for adding on an upfit without removing or modifying a standard equipped cargo box.

The main two upfits for a cab chassis is either a flat/dump bed or a service (also called utility) body. Flat/dump beds enable a vehicle to carry large size equipment (welding machines, air compressors, etc), transport oversized components/machinery (engine blocks, commercial air conditioner units, etc) or construction materiel (dirt/gravel, glass panels). Other options for flat/dump beds include stake racks (also known as cattle guards), cab protector, and cargo securing (d-ring tie down points & underbody tie-downs). Service bodies are cargo boxes, specialized in enabling you to store & mount both tooling and equipment in separate compartments. If you‘ve ever seen employees of your local electrical company in your neighborhood, their specialized trucks more than likely have a service body upfit. Ram uses Monroe Truck Equipment (MTE) service bodies, due to their long track record of specializing trucks in various configurations dependent upon duties. MTE’s reputation is highly regarded due to their designs being enhanced by direct feedback & input from their customers, ever since they began in 1958.

Service body options include interior LED lighting, mechanics/tooling drawers, Sortimo Boxxes (hardware storage) and E-Track for custom fitting of racks & dividers. Ram ProMaster & ProMaster City Series Vans have upfits for their internal, cargo compartment. These upfits are specialized according to professions, including Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning (HVAC), Catering, Basic Delivery, Plumbing, Telecommunications, Electrical, Construction and Locksmith. Options range from a ventilated or sealed partition to separate the driving cab from the cargo area to shelving & dividers for storage & organization to allow for tooling and material/cargo transport.

Ram has you and your profession covered. Come in to Ed Payne Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM or Payne Rio in Rio Grande City Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM today or log on to and see what Ram has in store for you! We have what you want. REGARDLESS!