🎸🀘 Get ready to UNLEASH YOUR INNER ROCKSTAR, Rio Grande Valley! 🀘🎸

🎢 It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the 2023 RockNBoots Music Festival is BACK and it’s gonna ROCK your world on October 13th and 14th located on 520 E. 2ND St in Mercedes, Texas! 🎸

πŸ”₯ Prepare to be blown away by mind-blowing performances from legendary acts like James Ribera, Metal Asylum, Sunny Sauceda, Chente Barrera, Los Desperadoz, and an EPIC Linkin Park Tribute that’ll leave you breathless! 🀟

πŸ•Ί So lace up your boots, grab your air guitar, and mark your calendars because this is one ROCK ‘N’ ROLL event you can’t afford to miss! 🀘🀩