While the Rio Grande Valley is enjoying the first cold front of the season, temperatures will be back to the 90s in no time.

While we are used to these extreme weather changes, our vehicles aren’t, especially the batteries. Here are some helpful tips you should know about taking care of your battery for any season.

Hot Weather Tips

Hot weather works the hardest on your vehicle’s battery. High temperatures can cause any fluids under your hood to evaporate and accelerates corrosion inside the battery. By the time autumn comes around, your battery may need maintenance.

Mild Weather Tips

Autumn is the ideal time to start preparing your vehicle for winter. If you have any concerns about your battery, now is the time to take care of it before winter comes.

Check and clean your battery connections to make them tight and corrosion-free. Test your battery’s voltage to see where your battery stands and if it needs replacing.

Cold Weather Tips

Preparing your battery for winter is essential to making sure it runs properly. Your vehicle’s engine requires more power to start when it’s colder outside, and this extra power takes a toll on your battery.

Before temperatures drop for the long term, get your electrical system checked, as well as your battery and alternator. Your battery’s voltmeter should read 12.4 volts or higher, showing it is in good condition. Also, be sure to check all your connections and cables to see if they are in good shape or need to be replaced.

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