Getting a driver’s license is a big step for teen drivers. Furthermore, having their own vehicle adds to that freedom and responsibility.

Is it better for your teen to have a new or preowned vehicle? Both options have their pros and cons, keep reading for helpful information that could help your decision.

New Vehicles

Purchasing a new vehicle for your teen has its pros and cons, including:

Safety Features

Many new vehicles include top of the line safety features. These safety features can include cameras and sensors to help the driver, stabilizing features, updated airbag systems, smartphone connectivity safety features (ONSTAR, etc) and more.

Little Maintenance & Repair

New vehicles require minimal maintenance up front. New vehicles will also usually have a warranty that will cover any sudden repairs or maintenance that need to be done.

High Prices

Cons of buying your teen a new vehicle can center around the price. Brand new vehicles tend to be more expensive and can depreciate significantly once off the lot.

Preowned Vehicles

Purchasing a preowned vehicle for your teen has its pros and cons, including:

Low Cost

Preowned vehicles can cost considerably less than a new vehicle. While most preowned vehicles tend to be older models, customers can find a wide range of vehicles for a great price. These can even include new vehicles and luxury vehicles.

“Learner” Vehicle

A preowned vehicle can be a great “learner” vehicle for a teen. This means that while your teen is learning how to drive and gain experience without the pressure of having to maintain a new vehicle. This means that if your teen gets into an accident, dents, or dings their vehicle or any other damage, it’s not “as bad” as if it was on a new vehicle.

Less Advanced / May Need Maintenance & Repair

Some cons of purchasing a preowned vehicle can include less advanced features. Some of these advanced features that older model vehicles can lack are modern safety features and smartphone connectivity.

Preowned vehicles may need maintenance and repair. Before purchasing, be sure to ask the dealer for a vehicle inspection report, and thoroughly inspect the vehicle including asking for a test drive.

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