Texas weather can be unpredictable! but don’t let your safety be!

Driving in the hard heavy rain can be frightening and nerve wrecking! Here are some tips from our workers and individuals in our community to keep you safe! Whether you are on the expressway or on the road, we want to make sure your safety is covered!

1.) Drive Slow

if you are taking the expressway people are already going above speed limit on normal days, so on rainy days go below and turn on your hazard lights

– Beto from Weslaco Ford

2.) Vehicle Type

if you have a vehicle for a terrain management system ALWAYS have it on slippery mode and for those without, if you have a vehicle that has sensors, put it on high alert!

– Joe from Weslaco Ford

3.) Turn back if you see water

If you see a lot of water ahead of you or just water and not the streets TURN BACK immediately, especially if you have a small car, don’t risk it!

– Joe Hernandez from Mission Tx

4.) Stay on Left Lane

Stay on the left lane or the middle lane when driving because the right lane usually floods!

– George from Mcallen Tx

5) High-beams and Fog Lights

Use fog lights or high beam lights so you can see in front of you and the people passing you can see you as well.

– Danny from Pharr Tx

Payne Auto Group wants to make sure that you and your vehicle is safe for rough conditions! This is why it is important to make sure that you are not only insured for yourself but also your vehicle incase anything happens, Get Payne Insurance to have ease for your safety on the road! As well as making sure your car is fully serviced at any of our Payne locations and ready for such conditions. If unfortunately, your car is wrecked because of such conditions and need your car to be fixed Click Here for Payne Collision Center!