The time has come to get that vehicle you’ve been wanting but you need to save up a little bit more for a down payment, an extended warranty or that option package that you just HAVE to have. Here’s a couple of easy tips to put you behind the wheel sooner than later.

Keep Track of Spending

Keep track of how you spend money on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Every little dime increases over time. As an example, brew your morning coffee and pack your afternoon lunch from home before heading to work. Estimating $15 per workday (deluxe morning coffee & drive-thru lunch), this minor change will put approximately $300 per month ($3,600 per year), back into your pocket. Use your bank statements to compare spending month-to-month or download a budget tool app to monitor your daily finances on the go. 

Set Goals to Stay on Track

Set goals that will help keep you on track. A great short term goal is to limit impulse buying- if you don’t really need it, leave it at the store. Long term goals should be a set amount of money you wish to have at the end of the week or month, which will add up quickly to put the keys to your new ride in your hand. Be sure that your savings are also safe. Establishing a separate savings account at your bank will definitely be easier than stashing cash underneath your mattress at home. Another advantage of a savings account is that it will build interest over time, plus you can establish transferring extra funds you’ve budgeted from your checking account over, thus increasing the amount of money you’ve saved in a much shorter amount of time. Don’t forget that your bank will have its own app for your device, so you can stay on top of where your money goes and also where it stays.

Create Extra Revenue Stream

If your schedule allows, utilize spare time to turn a talent or skill into a secondary source of income around your neighborhood. Landscaping, music lessons and educational tutoring (reading, math, science, etc) are ways to turn what comes naturally into something monetary. Every little bit adds up quicker than you think.

Research Bank Products

One of the best ways to get into those wheels you’ve been dreaming of (while also saving money) is to research financing through a trusted and reputable banking institution.  Ally Bank is a prime example, due to their competitive interest rates, great customer support, and 24/7 online access including payment set-up and account alerts.  A great advantage of Ally Bank is it being available at Payne Auto Group Dealerships throughout the Rio Grande Valley, making the entire process of purchasing a vehicle easy in one place.  

These tips, including minor changes to your daily habits & routine will get you closer to that ‘new car smell’ than ever before. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Payne Auto Group on radio, on TV and online for the latest rebates, discounts and incentives. We have what you want! Lo Que Tu Quieres… REGARDLESS!!!