What do you imagine when you think of tire damage? You may assume that a tire is damaged when it’s flat. But tire damage is just a general, and pretty broad description for a number of issues that can happen to your wheels. These issues can be broken up into three categories which are: Sidewall, Bead, and Tread Damage.

Three Categories of Tire Damage

Your tire’s sidewalls are exactly what they sound like. In case you need the extra assurance, it’s all the rubber that surrounds the rim. What often happens is that the sidewall cracks, normally at the base of the tread grooves, due to weather. Sidewall damage may be inevitable, since weather is constant. There’s simply not much you can do to avoid it. Sidewall damage can, however, be accelerated by too much subjection to heat. Given that we reside in the Rio Grande Valley, where the summer weather seems to be our most avid season, our tires are at a constant risk.

The exposure our tires get from pressure washers, and the chemicals used to clean tires can also cause sidewall damage. Other culprits include potholes and debris. And just like the hot weather, potholes are persistent in the Valley. If you’re hitting a pretty high speed when you come into contact with a pothole, you’ll rip and/or puncture your tire’s sidewall, which will, in worst-case scenario, result in a blowout causing a serious accident. Potholes will often cause the sidewall to bulge, which will require a fast fix. Luckily, the service department at your Ed Payne RGV dealership is well-equipped to help!

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