Fall season is here and we want you and your vehicle to be ready for whatever is to come!

Fresh weather is approaching and it’s time to see what needs to be checked or replaced before the winter hits. Here are some important things to check or replace for the winter season!

Check your Tires:

Checking your tires during the winter is super crucial especially during the winter season, make sure your tire is getting it’s proper tire rotations, or replacing worn out tires to make sure you are safe on the road. Get yout tire serviced check here at Payne Auto Group

Replace your wipers:

The heat in Texas can be crucial so replacing your wipers is beneficial for the transition to the fall since the heat can wear out your wipers and can cause a crack on your windshield. You can also take advantage and check your windshield if you need to replace it.

Check your Oil:

Check your oil and see if you need to change it. Don’t wait till the last minute and wait for the hectic line and take advantage now for an oil inspection. Go to your nearest Payne Service Center today and schedule now!

Payne Insurance wants you to be prepared for the fall, get all the insurances you need for your car and more at Payne Insurance.

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