As Hurricane Season plows through the Rio Grande Valley, hail is just one of the things vehicle owners will have to worry about.

Read on for some helpful tips on what to do if your vehicle has recently been damaged by hail.

Evaluate the Damage

The first thing you should do is evaluate the damage. Be sure to take pictures and document any major and minor damage.

If there is any hail still around, it could be beneficial to photograph it as well, with a ruler by its side or something else to measure scale.

Call Your Insurance

After gathering enough information, it’s time to inform your insurance agency.

Be sure you are familiar with your insurance coverage before you file a claim. Comprehensive insurance should be enough to have you covered from hail damage.

If you an unsure whether you are covered in the case of hail damage, talk to your insurance agent for more information on your policy.

Schedule Repairs

If your insurance policy offers coverage for hail damage and your claim has been approved, then it’s time to schedule repairs.

Repairing your vehicle from hail damage not only makes your vehicle look nice, but it can greatly improve the value of your vehicle.

Be sure to get your vehicle professionally repaired, as exterior damage may have caused internal damage–if the hail storm was really bad.

Payne Collision Center

Payne Auto Group wishes everyone to stay safe during hurricane season! If you’ve been in an accident, or your vehicle has suffered damage, the Payne Collision Center is here to help with any auto repair that needs to be done!

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