Keeping an emergency kit and convenience items such as a charger are ideal to keep in your vehicle. However, are are some materials you want to keep in your car for preparation of this fall/winter season!

Items to keep in your car for cold weather:

  • Blanket, gloves, hats – Keeping items such as these to keep you warm will help benefit you in the long run incase you are stranded and waiting for help. or need to go outside and fix your vehicle
  • Washer Fluid- Having washer fluid is necessary because your windshield will get dirty fast. Having a dirty windshield and no washer fluid will impair your ability to see what’s on the road.
  • Kitty Litter- Although it may sound odd, having a bit of kitty litter in your car will be very beneficial for extremely cold days such as last year. Kitty Litter or a bag of sand will help get your tires get traction for the road.

Be prepared for anything on the road and get protected with all the insurances you need this fall with Payne Insurance! Have a peace of mind while on the road and be prepared for anything!