Your home is your most valuable asset for you and your family. Protect your home by getting homeowners insurance!

Here are some tips for what you should look for when searching for the best homeowners insurance!

Get Covered for Rebuilds

The most comprehensive homeowner’s coverage you can get is an HO-3 policy. With this, opt for a guaranteed replacement clause, which covers the cost of rebuilding. If your home has expensive features, opt to raise the cap-coverage higher to protect these assets. Be sure to review your policy every time you decide to make substantial improvements to your home.

Cover Rent

Before your home goes through any substantial remodeling, check to see if your policy has a loss-of-use clause that covers living expenses over and above your normal costs.

Liability Protection

Be sure to include liability protection, especially if you have any large pets, a swimming pool, trampoline, expensive furnishings, and personal items. Always update the list of your assets with dated photographs or video to help the claims process if needed.

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