This summer has many families planning road trips and vacations. But before embarking on your vacation, be sure to consider travel and rental insurance!

When Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is best is the trip is long, expensive, or very far away from your residence, or country. Consider these scenarios before saying no to travel insurance:

  • Have you saved a significant amount of money for this trip?
  • If a natural disaster or illness ruined a trip, would you be out on a lot of money?
  • Does the destination have poor local healthcare facilities?
  • Are your accommodations or tickets nonrefundable?

If any of these examples warranted a “yes,” then you should highly consider travel insurance.

When Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

You may not always need rental car insurance. If you currently have auto insurance, be sure to check your policy to see if you’re covered.

Rental car insurance is great for these scenarios:

  • Your current policy does not have comprehensive and collision coverage
  • You are only insured under commercial car insurance
  • You don’t want to risk paying a high deductible
  • You are traveling abroad where your current car insurance will not apply

Be sure to speak with your insurance agent to go over your policy in depth. This will give you more information and help your decision.

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