Your teen may feel free on the road once they get their drivers license, but you may feel the weight of that freedom on your wallet.

Adding a teen driver to your policy will raise your rates, but you can control how much those rates climb.

Why Are Teens Expensive?

On average, the insurance rate for adding a teen goes up by 44% in a one-car family, 58% in a two-car family, and 62% in a three-car family.

Teen drivers are seen as the riskiest group to insure due to their lack of driving experience and immaturity.

How to Insure Your Teen

There are a few key guidelines that adults can take advantage of when adding their teens to their insurance policy.

Start the insurance process before your teen driver gets their learner’s permit. Typically, your policy may cover your teen at no cost with a permit and once your teen is licensed, let your insurance company know.

If possible, add your teen as the primary driver of the cheapest vehicle on your policy. Be sure to ask about discounts. Some insurance agencies offer student discounts, multiple car discounts, and more.

A good rule of thumb is to get quotes from three different agencies to see how their policies can benefit you and your teen the most.

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