Seeing potholes may not look like they can do that much damaged, however, it can cause more harm to your vehicle than you think!

Payne Collision knows why potholes can be very dangerous to your car so we helped provide you some of the many reasons on why you should avoid a pothole!

  • Can cause your tire to have a blowout damage
  • Can damage the wheel and suspension of your car
  • Can damage the cover guard underneath your vehicle
  • Can damage the engine and exhaust of your vehicle
  • Wheels knocked out of alignment

There are many more on why you should AVOID a pothole and slowdown when you see one to provide less damage to your car! Always drive the speed limit and drive slowly after it rains on the road because there can be a new pothole on the road that wasn’t there before!

Always drive safe and be protected with Payne Insurance and get all the different types of insurances that you might need here at Payne Insurance!