Getting into an accident isn’t fun, and the damage your vehicle may suffer can induce headaches.

But even fender benders have the potential for greater damage than you may think!

Resale Value

One reason why you should fix minor bumper damage is that it ups the resale value.

Noticeable bumper damage may drive away potential customers and drop the vehicle’s overall resale value. Potential customers may be wary of buying a vehicle with bumper damage as it can suggest bigger problems may exist with the vehicle.

State Inspections

While the state of Texas doesn’t specifically cite front and rear bumper specifications in the vehicle inspection requirements, there are several requirements indirectly tied to it.

These requirements include NHTSA standards, lights & reflector requirements and the license plate lamp requirements. If any of these requirements aren’t met due to having a damaged or missing bumper, your vehicle will not pass the state inspection process in Texas.


Bumpers are designed to take most of the crash force from vehicle impacts. When the bumper is damaged on the vehicle, it can put the passengers at risk. Damaged bumpers can force the impact on the passengers, as there’s nothing to absorb the energy properly anymore.

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